Omsider har vår russiske playmaker, Igor Karlov kommet til Bergen. Vi har stilt noen spørsmål slik at dere skal bli litt mer kjent med den sympatiske playmakeren.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Germany where my father played handball and grew up there until i was 7 years old. From the age of 7 i lived in Krasnodar. This big city with a million inhabitants. Every vacation I come here to my parents. This is my home and I love it.

What about the beginning of your handball carrier?

I started playing handball in Germany at the age of 6. After moving to Russia, I played a little bit of football, but my heart was always in handball, and since I was 10 I still play handball. I played for SKIF Krasnodar and Chekhov medvedi.

What can you say about yourself as a player?

I don’t like talking about myself. fans do it better. I hope to please them with a good game 🙂 
Scandinavia has very fast handball. All national teams are top level. Almost all of them have excellent shooting preparation.

Ever been to Scandinavia?

I was in Sweden in Gothenburg for the European Open U17. In Denmark with the Chekhov medvedi at the Champions League game. There was not much time to walk. But what I saw I liked. Calm and very cozy.

What do you know about Bergen?

Well, I know that this is the 2nd largest city after Oslo. I know that it is a good looking city. The city of students. Nearby are the stunning Norwegian fjords and a lot of rain. 

Who is your role model?

The role model is probably my father. Since childhood, I went to all his games and fell in love with handball. I always dreamed of achieving the same success as he did.

You have some hobbies?

My wife and I love to walk. Every evening we go out, just walk and talk. When we lived in Chekhov, we went to Moscow almost every weekend and spent time there. When I have free time I can play a game console.

Hot/ Not

Fish / Steak ?

Pizza / Pasta ?

Dinner home/ eating out ?

Movie home / Cinema ?

Holiday in Spain / Russia?

Defence / Attack ( handball) ?

Strength training / Running ?